A step in the right direction with POSiSTEP Step Irons

Plastic Encapsulated Step Irons Direct from the Manufacturer

For use in sewers, drainage manholes, pits ad water tanks. POSiSTEP Step Irons are made from high strength steel bar which is fully encapsulated in tough, UV stabilised polypropylene co-polymer. It is coloured bright yellow for maximum visibility in poor light environments.
POSiSTEP step irons have no sharp corners and feature a 25mm high vertical foot stop to help prevent accidents from the foot slipping off the step.
The polypropylene used to make the POSiSTEP is resistant to attack from a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis and chemicals typically found in sewer or water systems. They have sufficient strength to exceed all relevant standards and will take the harshest of punishments.

The POSiSTEP can be set into pre-cast structures during the concrete pour, caulked into a drilling hole with epoxy resins or quick setting cement, or fitted into POSiSTEP inserts. These inserts require no epoxy.

Long product life

The improved design and process increases the thickness of the polypropylene encapsulation over the steel bar. This ensures continues corrosion resistance and a long life of the product.


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Available sizes

Complies with the following standards

  • AS 1657-1992
  • AS 4198-1994
  • DR01136

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